Fiesta Bandana

Fiesta Bandana

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Handmade by Max and Koda in Queensland Australia.

Our 'Wild Spirit' Collection is made from thicker more textured fabrics, we have incorporated a dome with this collection to combat bulkiness on tying up, they are easy to put on only requiring to be tied once or twice than the dome snapped shut.

Because our bandanas are tie up they suit a wide range of dog sizes, depending on how much fabric you would like to see at the front.

Some dog breeds will fit into 2 categories due to the fact that some can be on the smaller or larger size.

Remember to have a play around with the fabric as it can be folded down a little along the top noting that there is plenty of tie up room.

This design is available in 3 sizes:

S: approx 62cm tie around suitable for small - medium sized breeds ie: Jack Russells, Shih Tzus, Small Poodles, Cavaliers, small frenchie's

M-L: approx 72cm  tie around suitable for medium - large sized dogs ie: Larger Staffies, Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, German Shepards, Aussie Shepard's, Siberian Huskies, Large Poodles, Large Border Collies, Labradors

XL: approx 86cm  tie around suitable for extra large sized dogs ie: Malamutes, St Bernards, Bermese Mountain dogs, large Great Danes, Mastiffs

We recommend to only gently hand wash these bandanas